#RideSmart Challenge
Randa Mallorca


YOU WANT GLORY? YOU WANT HONOR? YOU WANT FUN? Here comes your mission:

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#RideSmart Challenge
Randa 2017


GLORY & HONOR: Will be granted at the #RideSmartRanda Leaderboard.
FUN: Raffle of amazing prices among all participants who are members of the RideSmart Strava Club.


Complete the challenge, take part in the raffle and win...

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Frame Set
Wahoo Elemnt
power2max Type S
POC Sun Glasses
Continental Force Attack 23/25mm
Lucho Dillitos
Energy Package

Win a Pasculli Pradello frame set with fork

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  1. Frame: Carbon Monocoque from 990g
  2. Fork: Carbon 340g comfort optimized
  3. Geometry: Pasculli Sport
  4. Colors: Choose your frame design
  5. Personalize your Pradello with your signature

Win a Wahoo Elemnt GPS Bikecomputer

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Wahoo Fitness is breaking the GPS bike computer stereotype! Equipped with Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ dual-band technology, ELEMNT pairs seamlessly with all of your cycling sensors. The ELEMNT comes with a free companion app:

  1. Set up your data fields
  2. Customize profiles
  3. Track performance
  4. Share ride data effortlessly

Win a power2max Type S Rotor 3D24 power meter

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Go beyond your limits, and reach your individual goals with the power2max Type S power meter. The power2max Type S is:

  1. Your perfect pacemaker
  2. Your reliable and precise training partner no matter where and when you ride
  3. Simple to use: install it, switch it on and start your ride

Win a POC Do Blade Sunglass

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  1. A dedicated sports frame
  2. Injected in grilamid for low weight and high durability
  3. It allows for great flexibility with the option to change your lens according to the conditions
  4. The lens tints are optimized for road cycling, increasing contrasts on the road surface and helping you to spot irregularities, holes and gravel in time

Win a Set of Continental Force Attack tires

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  1. Tune your road bike for fast, agile and grippy handling
  2. Aerodynamic, agile front tire coupled with grippy and comfortable rear tire
  3. Excellent puncture protection thanks to Vectran™ puncture protection insert
  4. Excellent grip, high mileage and efficient rolling thanks to BlackChili Compound

Win a Lucho Dillitos Energy pack - Natural power snacks

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Lucho Dillitos bocadillo are the natural, tasty alternative to modern sports nutrition! Bocadillo are Colombia’s original energy bars. For generations Colombian cyclists have been adding 1 or 2 bocadillo into their jersey pockets before going for a ride. Now, thanks to Lucho Dillitos, you too can experience the great taste of this natural energy source.


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Take a picuture of your ride, add your Strava ride data, post it on instagram using the #RideSmartRanda2017 and get a free coffee at Sa Plaça Petra.


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